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Deck And Engine Store

"We supply welding equipment and accessories, refrigerant gases, steel pipes and plates, and are widely supplied hardware"

We are specialized in supplying oxygen and acetylene Gases (on exchange basis for regular liners or refilling basis), refrigerant gases, welding accessories, safety equipment, steel plates, safety razor wires, electric items, range of valves and pipes etc.

Also we supplies, welding and cutting equipment, hoses & coupling, metal bars and sheets, pipe and tube fittings, valves, rope & hawsers, petroleum lubricants, measuring tools, safety protective gear, safety equipment, nautical equipment, pneumatic & electrical tools, hand tools, packing and jointing and batteries.

Piracy Protection Equipment

Ships are bolstering physical defence of vessel with layers of barriers and razor wires, in a process called “hardening” apart from armed guards and other methods of protecting the vessel.

Galle OPL is key and convenient link for vessels which sailing from east to west to be equipped with protective measures to counter the ever increasing threat of piracy attack in the Arabia Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

We supplies different sizes of Razor wires, wire ropes, binding wires, clips, pipes and installation tools, all what required for “hardening”

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